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Armadillo Management Co. Ltd., incorporated in April 2001, in the Islands of Bermuda is involved in the management and provision of services for a diversified consortium of companies operating both locally and internationally. Armadillo a privately owned Bermudian Company is singularly qualified to manage all aspects of a business, by providing the necessary resources to assist in ensuring that a businesss needs are met effectively and efficiently. The Company is organized to maintain, manage and service the individual entrepreneur as well as the savvy corporate structured company.

  • Administrative Services
  • Management Consulting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Operational Support Services
  • Administrative Services
  • IT Support

Armadillo aims to understand a business needs, so that we are also able to understand a business options to offer and execute excellent services. The Companys undertaking is to continue to ensure that the needs and expectations of our clients are not only met, but are performed and executed to their satisfaction.

Keys to Success
Our specific keys to success include:

  1. Providing the highest quality services
  2. Competitive pricing
  3. Dedicated staff
  4. Teamwork

Armadillo provides back office services and support to a varied number of businesses operating in Bermuda and overseas. Services include accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, Human Resource services, corporate administration, management coordination and consulting. The company is focused on meeting the demand and maintaining personal and expedient customer service of or customer base.

Management Team
Director L. Tanya Franks

As Managing Director L. Tanya Franks ensures that the growth of companies under management and the growth of Armadillo remain consistent with the range of services the Company is able to provide. With a BSc in Professional Accountancy from Penn State University, Tanyas experience spans various industries. Having gained experience at the Bank of Bermuda in the cash reconciliation department, she quickly moved on and into the booming reinsurance industry. Acquiring skills in reinsurance accounting, captive management, life and annuity insurance and investment, she was instrumental in maintaining a vast portfolio of clients based locally and internationally.

As experience dictated and after completing her degree in 1994, she completed a stint at the Office of The Auditor General where she assisted in the audits of various Government departments and Quangos of the Bermuda Government. With added knowledge and skills she was called to assist in the start-up of a reinsurance company on the island. This subsequently led to the full management of a Bermudian owed management company which marketed and sold life insurance products to high net worth individuals offshore.

With an eye for excellence, service and a need to assist businesses, in 2001 she ventured out and started Armadillo Management Co. Ltd., a full service bookkeeping and accounting company which assists businesses with their day to day bookkeeping, accounting and management needs.

Accounting Team
With a dedicated staff that have combined experience of over (40) years of bookkeeping and accounting experience working both locally and overseas, are experienced and qualified to manage and maintain the books and records of accounts for our varied clients. They are responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the day-to-day operations of both in-house and external client business are efficiently and effectively maintained.

Fees can vary dramatically as requirements dictate. We have an established rate sheet that is based on hours required to complete tasks and or business responsibilities. Fees can be administered on an hourly, monthly, or annual basis. Our discussions with you in this regard would reveal the level of personal and professional commitment you expect, and we would be willing to work with you to arrange staffing, business needs, etc. to accommodate your particular needs.


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